Uses Netnews Group for a Bulletin Board

Local Newsgroups

There are several groups available. Suggestions for additional groups are welcome.

Tildeverse Newsgroups

There are many newsgroups shared with other Tildeverse servers. These groups are in the

Usenet Newsgroups

It is planned to add some of the Usenet* hieararchy in the future.


The following clients are available for access the news groups:


At the prompt enter 'slrn --create -h localhost' the firsttime you use slrn.

$ slrn --create

Afterward, just type 'slrn' to run.

And 'man slrn' for details on using slrn. Additional information is available at

$ slrn


At the prompt enter 'tin -r' to start.

$ tin -r

And 'man tin' for details on using tin. Additional information is available at


Last Updated: 20190802