Amateur Radio Digital Voice Hub

At its simplest, radio is a direct transmitter to receiver medium. However, the physics of radio propagation can affect distance and reliability. Radio repeaters can mitigate these issues, and networking of repeaters allows radio comms over a large geographical areas. Repeaters in different geographical areas can be interconnected via networks to provide regional comms.

Using a repeater is similar to a party line. Everybody is communicating in a shared space. Different repeaters can provide different shared spaces, akin to channels in IRC or chat rooms.

A digital voice hub is a like a virtual repeater. It is a shared space where participants can talk.

The voice hub can currently be accessed by amateur radio operators using one of the following:

Anybody may listen by streaming at:

In the future we may add additional access methods, such as:

PSTN/SIP Access to Allstar Link Node

Dial-up/SIP access is available to registered Allstar Link users who have a 10-digit access PIN.

Once connected you can listen. To talk:

To dial another Allstar Link node:


Last Update: 20190731